Simple Bicycle Counter

Check the cycling pulse

Simple Bicycle Counter.

The counter gathers statistic information that can be used by local authorities to better understand how people use bicycles to commute.

Our Bicycle Counter is decorative and a very nice addition to the urban environment. However, there is often a need to count cycles or traffic in many places within a municipality but there is no need to have the same eye-catching effect as with our Bicycle Counter. Our cycle counter has the same advanced technologies and possibilities as the Bicycle Counter but to a much lower cost.

Summary of technical information.

  • Power: 240VAC 50Hz 10A fuse.
  • Energy consumption 50W max.
  • Gathers statistics hourly in both directions.
    (Other statistic gathering intervals and configurations are optional.)
  • Can filter out bicycles from cars and other heavy traffic. Counting bicycles in bike lanes not separated from roads possible.
  • Detector type: Fiber optic.
    (Traffic signal type loops option upon request at additional cost.) Standard is single path detection, detectors for 2 bike paths and up can be installed at additional cost.
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi for communication and download of statistics. 3G/4G and LAN communication is available as an option. Live update of statistics via TCP/IP on a web page is possible (requires the web site to promote this functionality).

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