Bicycle Counter

Check and display the cycling pulse

Bicycle Counter.

The counter visually displays daily bicycle traffic and it also shows annual bicycle traffic. It gathers statistic information that can be used by local authorities to better understand how people use bicycles to commute. By its visibility towards the general public it turns focus on cycling and thereby further promotes bicycle commuting.

Bicycle Counter at night.

Several ways to collect and display statistic information.
Equipped with Wi-Fi for communication and download of statistics. 3G/4G and LAN communication is available as an option. Statistics can also optionally be displayed live on a municipality web site.
Can be connected to Viscando Traffic Systems for visualizing to the public data collected by Viscando Traffic Systems. Also work with system from Infracontrol.

Bicycle Counter in two tone paint.

The Bicycle Counter in two-tone paint mataching the design of our bicycle pump. It has been the designer's goal to to match the design of our Bicycle Counter with our Bicycle Pump into a harmonious whole. Functional and pleasing to the eye.

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