Bicycle Pump Accessories

Image: Rectangular concrete base for bicycle pump.

Concrete base, rectangular
Concrete foundations are available in two base configurations.
Rectangular foundation with dimensions of 800x400 mm. Intended to replace two std. plates in the ground-covering.

Weight: approx. 95 kg.

Art. No 01-030-012-001

Concrete base, oval
The oval foundation is primarily designed to be used with eg. coble stones to get as tight a transition as possible. In this way it is possible to obtained a uniform appearance in ground-covering.

Weight: approx. 105 kg.

Art. no 01-030-012-002

Oval concrete base for bicycle pump.

Reinforcement kit

Reinforcement kit for bicycle pump air-chuck
Reinforcement kit designed especially for environments with very intensive use where bicycle pump grip is exposed to excessive wear.

Reinforcement kit is fitted on ordinary air-chuck.

Art. no 01-030-017-005

Air-chuck with pressure gauge.

Air-chuck with pressure gauge
Clearly indicates tire pressure.

Art. no 01-030-016-010

GSM modem for remote monitoring
The bicycle pump can be equipped with GSM modem allowing for municipal service organization to remotely monitor bicycle pumps.
Art. no 01-030-012-010

GSM modem