Bicycle Pump Basis with push-button

Bicycle Pump with push button.
The really low cost option of electric Bicycle Pump.
Design that follows the Bicycle Pump range.

Elegant design that blends into the street scene.
The Bicycle Pump is in a tasteful design with symbols, bicycle, wheelchair and baby stroller, which clearly shows the area of use.

Designed and manufactured in Tumba, Sweden!

With a solid blue light (LED lamp), it also shows at night time where you can easily find air for the bike, baby stroller or wheelchair.
Electric compressor. The Bicycle Pump starts and runs at an interval when the user presses the button.
Works with all three valve types, standard bicycle valve, car valve (mountain bikes, strollers etc.) or Presta valve.
Outer casing in recyclable aluminum of offshore quality. Painted in the desired RAL color.

Equipped with a low noise oil less air compressor the Bicycle Pump requires a minimum of maintenance.

Nozzle.Air chuck with multiple connections.
Fits the three most common bicycle valves, regular traditional bicycle valves (Dunlop valve), car valves (Schrader valve) and race bike valves (Presta valve).

Bicycle Pump bespoke.
The bicycle pump can, as well as the other bicycle pumps, be adapted to the customer's requirements.
Here with optional orange light in glass and push buttons.

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