Foot Pump Luftig

Luftig manual cycle pump

A manual bicycle pump with excellent capacity at every stroke, yet focus on Street Basic pumped.

TMI Bicyle Pump Luftig has a design that connects to TMI compressor-driven Bicycle Pumps, -the cyclist recognizes a Bicycle Pump.

Works with all three valve types, standard bicycle valve, car valve (mountain bikes, strollers etc.) or Presta valve.

TMI Bicycle Pump Luftig is an excellent option when an electrical Bicycle Pump is not possible.

Outer casing in recyclable aluminum of offshore quality. Other exposed parts in stainless steel for low maintenance. Painted in the desired RAL color.

Designed and manufactured in Tumba, Sweden.

Luftig maual cycle pump


Concrete base for bicycle pump.

Concrete base
Concrete base for foot pump Luftig: Weight: aprox. 92 kg.

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